January 19, 2024

Climate Action Triumph: Schwarzenegger’s Auction Raises 1,31 Million Euros for a Sustainable Future

Schwarzenegger’s legendary watch was auctioned for 270,000 euros.

“There are many things we can smile about tonight: the great food, the

exceptional atmosphere, the lovely company, and of course, all of usgiving back to change the world,” stated Arnold Schwarzenegger, extending a warm welcome to guests at the “Special Dinner for Climate Action” held at the Stanglwirt on Thursday, January 18th. The event, now in its third iteration preceding the renowned Hahnenkamm Race, successfully raised an impressive sum of 1,31 million euros for a cleaner future. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s customs adventure had a happy ending: the world’s most famous watch was auctioned off for 270,000 euros.

Approximately 160 guests relished the enjoyable evening, featuring a lively auction that included notable attendees such as US-Climate Envoy John Kerry, Felix Neureuther, Mark Keller, Ralf Moeller, Barbara Meier, The BossHoss, and the enchanting duo Thommy Ten and Amélie van Tass, who captivated everyone with their performance. Artworks, unique pieces, and jewelry were auctioned off, with one of the most coveted items being a personal training session with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a living room concert by The BossHoss, and a day on the set of “Bergdoktor.”

“People often ask me how I can maintain a smile when considering our environment. It’s simple: amidst the ongoing fight against pollution, I also witness the progress that has been achieved. We have come a long way. Today, so many people are here to be part of to the solution,” Schwarzenegger shared. Concluding the dinner, he emphasized, “We all must give back and change the world. Today, our supporters have played a role in creating a cleaner and healthier future. I extend my gratitude to everyone who has joined my fight against pollution.”

The proceeds from the evening will be directed to the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, which, among other initiatives, hosts the annual international climate conference AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT in Vienna. This summit showcases concrete solutions worldwide and fosters connections among climate heroes from around the globe. Additionally, the initiative provides support to selected climate projects globally.

“I am thrilled by every single one who has joined us today on our journey towards a cleaner future. I am so happy about this remarkable sum,” emphasized Monika Langthaler, Director of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative.

Photos for editorial purposes (Photo Credit: The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative/Brauer) can be found at: https://www.picdrop.com/sabinebrauerphotos/UPvk8kRjCb