Reforestion in Uganda

Together with the Jane Goodall Institute – Austria the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative supports the reforestation of Mutuba trees in Uganda. The fact that this project is not only about planting trees, but that the focus is equally on people, animals and the environment, makes it so extraordinary and sustainable. Only with a holistic approach we can effectively counter the devastating effects of deforestation in Africa and tackle problems such as climate change, species extinction, polluted groundwater and the loss of economic livelihoods.

Project country: Uganda

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Creating a green oasis

Jugend Eine Welt’s partner „Bosco Children“ runs a center in Addis Abeba and gives street children shelter and guidance. Thanks to the donation by The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative the “Bosco Children” facility was enabled to support street children and youth by not only providing shelter but also by creating a green oasis where the beneficiaries learned new skills integrating social, economical and ecological principles.

Project country: Ethiopia

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Supporting climate action in India

The people of Tamil Nadu in the south of India are feeling the harsh effects of climate change. Increased droughts and floods and the rise in agricultural pests are having a serious impact on the food supply. The drying up of watercourses threaten the population’s access to water.

The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative therefore supports a project with a very holistic and broad approach: This ‘Jugend eine Welt’ project contributes to sustainable climate and environmental protection in 17 districts of Tamil Nadu. In the process, disadvantaged groups are actively involved and strengthened.

Project country: India

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Food for hope

With the money from the BAWAG Women’s Prize 2022, which Director Monika Langthaler was awarded, the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative supported the organisation World Central Kitchen.

Extreme weather events occur more frequently due to the climate crisis. When a natural disaster hits a community, a nourishing meal is much more than a plate of food. It gives people hope and shows that someone cares. The SCI is therefore supporting “World Central Kitchen” in their effort to assist communities impacted by extreme weather events caused by the climate crisis.

Project country: Global

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Efficient and healthy cooking

About 3 billion people in the world have no access to modern energy sources for cooking and heating their homes. This is also the case in Uganda. A large proportion of households in rural areas cook with firewood on traditional open cooking stoves. Sadly this is inefficient, drives deforestation and is also detrimental to the health of mostly women doing the cooking. We are therefore supporting the project “Efficient and Healthy Cooking” by the Caritas Masaka Diocesan Development Organization and HORIZONT3000. One new stove saves about 5t CO2 and 63% firewood per year.

Project country: Uganda

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Protection of the Amazon region in Brazil

The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative supported the Instituto Juma, which focuses on the protection of the forest, heritage, intellectual property and territories of indigenous peoples and traditional communities in the Brazilian Amazon. 

Instituto Juma works against the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and towards empowerment of the local population, especially through legal advice.

Project country: Brazil

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