January 12, 2022

Support for new climate project in India

The people of Tamil Nadu in the south of India are feeling the harsh effects of climate change. Increased droughts and floods and the rise in agricultural pests are having a serious impact on the food supply.

The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative will therefore support a new project with a very holistic and broad approach: This ‘Jugend eine Welt’ project contributes to sustainable climate and environmental protection in 17 districts of Tamil Nadu. By the end of 2023, 16,000 people – in 800 eco clubs in schools and villages – will implement environmental protection measures in their surroundings: Around 14,000 new trees will be planted, recycling campaigns for waste separation in the eco-clubs, waste collection campaigns and an awareness-raising campaign on solar energy with accompanying information events will be carried out. Model vegetable gardens will be planted in villages and the local population will be taught basic skills for growing their own vegetables for self-sufficiency in practical training sessions. In addition, 100 disadvantaged young people are trained in solar energy and thus have an additional source of income. In the course of the training, mini-solar systems are installed in 200 households. In the future, these households will be able to get their electricity from climate-friendly solar energy. Another 250 households will receive support in applying for government funding to expand renewable energy in rural areas. Initial activities for sustainable environmental and climate protection have already taken place in the course of a pilot project of local partners, the Salesians Don Boscos in Tamil Nadu, which has already been completed. Based on the results and experiences of this project, the activities are now being expanded.