September 28, 2021

Continued support for “Bosco Children”

“Bosco Children“ runs a center in Addis Abeba and gives street children shelter and guidance. There are an estimated 17,000 children that live unaccompanied in the Ethiopian capital. With the help of the ‘Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative’ and ‘Jugend Eine Welt’ the organization was able to carry out a project that contributes to a “green recovery” from the current health crisis.

Some of this year´s activities:
Solar powered flood lights were installed in the centre as part of the solar training. These now give light to the compound and adjacent streets. In the course of the installation, the youth at Bosco children enhanced their skills in renewable energies.

Enlargement of the green areas in the compound by greening the football pitch.

Establishment of a small plantation of cash-crop trees such as fruit trees and the local medicinal Moringa trees. More than 50 trees were planted, among which are moringa, mango, avocado and coffee trees. The plantation of the trees is all around the compound and further decorates the organizations’ area. The big garden is always green and full of different vegetables, fruits and herbs. The children and youth at the congregation are learning how to plant, maintain and properly use the plants.

Visits to rural areas for the reintegration of former street children and awareness raising measures for solar energy and a greener environment.

The former street children and youth gained knowledge and experience in different fields such as gardening and renewable energy. Furthermore, during their visits and reintegration to their families they took their knowledge to their rural homes.