August 2, 2021

AWS 21 Report

The 5th AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT on July 1st 2021 was a full success. Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to Vienna this year to attend his annual climate conference. Over the years it has grown to become one of the biggest environmental summits in the world and was all about the topic “Healthy Planet – Healthy People”. Humans depend on healthy ecosystems- if the planet is sick, then the people get sick. Once more the summit brought together climate action heroes from around the world to pave the way towards COP26, to discuss America’s re-entry into the Paris Agreement and to continue Arnold Schwarzenegger´s crusade to terminate pollution and create climate action. The conference showed that there is hope. To motivate the international audience, the whole day was about solutions, inspiring people, and successful projects that fight climate change and pollution at the same time. The goal was to reach out to as many people as possible to raise awareness and to speed up the global climate movement. This was surely reached with around 1300 media reports worldwide and a potential reach of over 2 billion people. You can read all about the details, guests and further topics of the conference here or re-watch the Livestream on Facebook