The AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solution Hub is about presenting solutions for the planet and connecting relevant stakeholders – in other words, being a matchmaker for a liveable planet. The refurbished, versatile estate in lower Austria not only serves as a lively meeting point for networking or lectures and workshops, but also presents best practice examples and concrete climate action.


Since 2017 Arnold Schwarzenegger´s annual climate conference, the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT, in Vienna has connected people from all around the globe and presented countless solutions to the climate crisis. A location like the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Hub now gives us all the opportunity to deepen these connections, learn from each other in an exceptional location and continue the work for a healthy planet on a regular basis.


Take a look at our partners at the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Hub and read about their concrete solutions.


If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact our team.