April 24, 2019

New Bipartisan Podcast on Energy and the Environment

The Schwarzenegger Institute has teamed up with “Political Climate,” a bipartisan podcast exploring energy and environmental issues in America. After gaining listenership from across party lines including industry leaders, congressmen, activists and news media, during their first season, the podcast is advancing their robust public dialogue on climate and energy through this cooperation. To kick off the new partnership and the new season, Julia Pyper, Brandon Hurlbut and Shane Skelton sat down with Governor Schwarzenegger for an interview. Listen in under the link.

Following the interview, Schwarzenegger praised the podcast, saying: “I had a fantastic time sitting down with Julia, Shane and Brandon to talk about energy policy from a post-partisan perspective. I am hopeful the Political Climate podcast can bring together people of all political stripes, because the only way we will terminate pollution and create a new economy is by working together.”