November 28, 2019

Monika Langthaler is “Woman of the Year”

Monika Langthaler was awarded as “Woman of the Year” by the Austrian magazine Look! for her 30 years of commitment to climate protection. The Director of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT was very pleased about this great honor and underlined in her acceptance speech: “There is a tomorrow and we have to be very careful about that!”

This year’s “Women of the Year” gala, with the topic “Sparkling for Earth”, was focused entirely on climate protection and presented what is so important: ecological action and solutions for the future. Therefore, Monika Langthaler emphasized: “With the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT we also want to give hope and show what we humans are able to do in this ecological crisis situation.” Laudator Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulated via video message: “Well deserved!”