July 15, 2018

Donation “Hope For Batwa Children”

We are happy to support a very special project of naturalist and chimpanzee specialist Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institut – Austria: „Hope for Batwa Children“.

At the beginning of her work, the focus of Jane Goodall was on research into wild chimpanzees. Then she realized that the rescue of chimpanzees and the nature of Africa can only be successful if the projects are planned holistically and implemented together with the people of these regions. “Education is the key to a better future!”, Jane Goodall is convinced. Therefore, the Jane Goodall Institute – Austria initiated the project “Hope for Batwa Children”. Currently, 12 children of the BATWA Pygmies, one of Africa’s oldest hunting and gathering tribes are being cared for in an own house. They have – for the first time in their lives – a real roof over their heads, enough food and go to school.
AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT would like to make a contribution and pass on some of the success of the conference bysupporting this great project. The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative Director and organizer Monika Langthaler presented the donation to Jane Goodall at the Movie Night following the conference on May 15.