Be Useful: Tools for a Healthy Planet

June 20th 2024

“Be Useful: Tools for a Healthy Planet” was the theme of the 8th AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT on 20th 2024. Alongside the current geopolitical situation, the ecological challenges seem to be fading into the background. This is fatal because ecological and climate-related disasters and issues often accelerate political crises. The good news: We already have a variety of tools and solutions at hand. Around 1000 attendees at the Hofburg and many more online joined Arnold Schwarzenegger and climate action leaders from all around the world to discuss and present the tools for our healthy planet, ranging from politics, business to art and communication.

The new AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Expo made a successful debut, drawing 3,500 visitors to the Vienna Hofburg. As part of the summit, the Hofburg opened its doors for the first time on Thursday, allowing anyone interested to attend the fair free of charge and without registration.


We Have The Power

May 16th 2023

On May 16th, 2023, the 7th AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT took place at the Hofburg in Vienna, with the energetic theme “WE HAVE THE POWER”. Some of us feel overwhelmed by the multiple crises we are facing – however, we have the power to solve these challenges and change the way we live and produce towards the better. No more “we could”, “we should” or “someone would need to…” but rather use the momentum to implement and put those concrete climate actions and solutions in motion is the way forward. Find out more here.

© Katharina Schiffl

Creating Hope – Inspiring Action

June 16th 2022

The date of the 6th AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT marked the 30th anniversary of the Earth Summit in Rio. After so much time passing with hardly any action it was  even more crucial to show best practice climate action examples and to focus on solutions at the 2022 conference. Read a detailed report here.


Healthy Planet – Healthy People

July 1st 2021

Humans depend on healthy ecosystems – if the planet is sick, then the people get sick. The AWS 2021 was about solutions, inspiring people, and successful projects that fight climate change and pollution at the same time. Read more about the outcomes here.


Be Part of the Solution

September 17th 2020

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the conference was organised as a hybrid event: It allowed people to join from all around the world to demonstrate the opportunities of a green economy and green recovery from the pandemic. Find out more about the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT 2020.


Less Talk, More Action!

May 28th 2019

Besides focusing on climate communication, the overall common goal of this conference was to increase the pressure on decision makers, to raise awareness and forge solutions for a sustainable future.


Leadership for a Sustainable Future

May 15th 2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger was joined by distinguished guests to create a positive momentum for the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference: COP 24 in Poland. The event once more served as a meeting place for “action heroes” committed to sustainability and climate protection projects.



June 20th 2017

Under the motto “From Sustainable Goals to Real Action” the conference showed different perspectives on  climate change and how it affects us all. It was important  to emphasize that each and every one of us can and must make their contribution to climate protection. Read more about the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT 2017 here.