Renewable Energy

Power of Opportunity in the Weinviertel region: working together for a sustainable future

In June 2024, the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Hub and Raiffeisen are founding a forward-looking energy cooperative in the heart of the Weinviertel region. This innovative model for success not only supplies clean, regional electricity at fair prices, but also strengthens the community and promotes independence in times of crisis. The use and expansion of innovations is particularly important for achieving our global climate goals. With its innovative energy system, the AWS Solutions Hub is an example of the sustainable and technical progress required to achieve this.

Photovoltaic systems on a historic estate

There are 297 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the centuries-old estate. These panels produce around 130 kWp of 100% renewable electricity. This amount can supply up to 40 households.

Energy storage for peak times

In case a lot of energy is needed at short notice, there are 2 storage batteries with a capacity of 60 kWh on the farm. This ensures that sufficient energy is available even when demand is above average.

Environmentally friendly e-fuelling station

This environmentally friendly way of generating and storing energy is rounded off by a publicly accessible e-charging station (fast charger). This means that electricity from 100% renewable and regional energy can be charged on site.

Experience energy live

In the AWS Solutions Hub, you can experience the dynamics of the energy world up close! On a screen, you can see in real time where the electricity is flowing. You can see how the energy is channelled either into the storage batteries, the charging station or directly into the community. This visual representation makes the generation and utilisation of clean energy exciting and understandable – and makes the future of energy tangible for everyone.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Clean and sustainable electricity: Benefit from environmentally friendly electricity from your region.

  • Energy independence: Obtain regional electricity or feed in electricity from your own photovoltaic systems.

  • Community: The focus is on supporting all members through fair, attractive and stable prices.

  • Attractive price advantages: Benefit from favourable electricity prices including a 28% discount on grid fees for traded electricity volumes.

Become part of the energy cooperative and make an active contribution to a sustainable and independent energy future. Together we can create a greener and more liveable environment – for us and future generations.