Monika Langthaler


The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative

Monika Langthaler is the Managing Director of the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative and organizer of the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT, one of the largest international climate conferences worldwide. She graduated in Technical Chemistry from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna in 1986 and later earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Management from Wye College, University of London, in 1999. Langthaler was, at that time, the youngest member of the Austrian Parliament from 1990 to 1999, representing the Green Party and contributing to various UN climate projects as well as being active in the Council of Europe.   Since 2000, she has been a Managing Partner at brainbows, a consulting firm focused on sustainability and climate protection. Since 2017, she has organized the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT with Arnold Schwarzenegger, aiming to raise climate crisis awareness and promote concrete solutions and connect climate action heroes around the world. In 2023, she launched the AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT Solutions Hub in Asparn/Zaya ( north-eastern Weinviertel region) to further advance these goals.