Andy Schleck

Winner Tour de France 2010

Investor NZero

Andy Schleck is a former professional cyclist from Luxembourg. Since his retirement from professional cycling in 2015, he has dedicated a significant portion of his time to combating climate change and promoting environmental sustainability. Andy is a shareholder in nZero, a company dedicated to helping organizations, municipalities, and companies reduce their carbon footprint. In addition to his work with nZero, he is actively involved in promoting sustainable commuting practices and initiatives. One of his recent endeavors includes collaborating with Luxembourgish Post to transition their postal services to bikes or e-bikes. By helping Luxembourgish Post make this transition, they are not only promoting eco-friendly transportation methods but also significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with postal delivery services.   Through initiatives like these, he is committed to creating a more sustainable future for all. Whether it’s advocating for policy changes, supporting community initiatives, or leading by example, he believes that together, we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change.